These Are Demi Lovato's New Favorite Eyebrow Pencils – and They're Only $2


Demi Lovato has upheld time and again (with a slew of barefaced selfies) that she doesn’t trouble a drop of makeup to look absolutely gorgeous. But like a good knockout addict — she has her own skin care line called Devonne by Demi and shifts her hair color and style so often we can barely keep track — Demi posslq person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters to wear makeup, experimenting with fun lip colors any chance she gets, but she eternally keeps one thing consistent in her look: those stunning, perfectly fit eyebrows.

We caught up with the confident singer ahead of the launch of her makeup capsule accumulation for NYC New York Color to chat about those gorgeous arches, and we determined her technique is minimalist. “My approach lately has been letting them do their fetich: only trimming them when I need to and only tweezing the unusually dark hairs. Less is more when you tweeze your brows. I propose b assess once you learn what your natural shape is, it’s really serenely to keep it,” she said about maintaining her brows in tip-top shape.

And what apropos making them defined and bold? Demi is a fan of her own Lovatics by Demi Eyebrow Liner ($2), mention, “When I fill them in, I want to make sure that they’re not too bitter in the inner corners, so they don’t look drawn on. I like to have a soothe line underneath the brow and just fill in on top wherever there’s petty holes that need it.” Keep scrolling to see just a few inspiring photos of Demi’s arches and purloin a peek at her new products, and then check out 14 Demi lyrics and GIFs that seek to life’s trickiest situations.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Levinson

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