Theresa May tears up Cameron's housing scheme with plans for more build-to-rent homes


In the box white paper to be published on Tuesday, the Government will put measures to apparatus the high cost of renting at the heart of its plan to fix the broken housing furnish. Planning rules will be amended so councils can plan more long-term build-to-rent where one lives stresses and a consultation will be launched to allow developers to offer more affordable rental proficient ins.

New steps will also be taken to ensure longer-term tenancies are very much available in private schemes to provide families with more steadfastness.

The scheme will signal a dramatic shift in housing policy from the one stalked by Mr Cameron, who declared he wanted the Tories to be the party of home ownership.

As participation of his last speech as prime minister to the Conservative Party conference in October 2015, Mr Cameron bailed to turn “generation rent” into “generation buy” with controversial intends to allow developers to sell rather than rent newly-built affordable homes.

As division of the proposals, which were drawn up to help him hit his pledge to build 200,000 diverse low-cost homes for first-time buyers by 2020, the definition of affordable shelter was also changed to include so-called starter homes.

These were made for sale to people under 40 at a discount of up to 20 per cent off the healthy price.

Housing charities immediately accused Mr Cameron of diverting bills away from much-needed new homes for rent.

The proportion of people residing in private rented homes has doubled since 2000.

The average couple in the antisocial rented sector pay their landlord roughly half their income each month and 2.2 million working households with less than average incomes spend more than a third on housing.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid implied: “We are determined to make housing more affordable and offer much more lite. We understand people are living longer in private rented accommodation, which is why we are choosing this broken housing market so all types of home are more affordable.”

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