Theresa May slaps down Juncker as she REJECTS Brussels’ hardline Brexit demands


The Prime Care for is said to have chastised the unelected official during the meal and demanded he should be “sedulous”.

Details of the awkward meeting are beginning to emerge after Mr Juncker ostensibly insulted the hospitality he was offered – which was paid for by UK taxpayers.

Mrs May has also reportedly cast doubted the EU’s negotiating strategy, apparently signalling that she will talk difficult on free movement and free trade.

Theresa May told Jean Claude Juncker to be patient GETTY

Theresa May told Jean Claude Juncker to be self-possessed

They purposefulness be tough and, at times, even confrontational

David Davis, Brexit secretary

Bargains must be completed by 29 March 2019, at which point Britain bequeath be able to walk away.

However in an attempt to lay out her stance Mrs May said she is hoping to win the electing to embolden her negotiation stance.

She said: “First of all I would point out we don’t beget a Brexit deal on the table from Brussels. 

Juncker called Angela Merkel straight after his dinner with Mrs May and insulted her it was claimed GETTY

Juncker collected Angela Merkel straight after his dinner with Mrs May and insulted her it was petitioned

“We have their negotiating guidelines, we have our negotiating guidelines in all respects the Article 50 letter and the Lancaster House speech I gave on this pay-off in January.

“What matters sitting around that table is a undiluted Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, with a strong mandate from the people of the Pooled Kingdom which will strengthen our negotiating hand to ensure we get that attainable deal.” 

David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, added: “Both sides are freed – we want these negotiations to be conducted in the spirit of goodwill, sincere synergism and with the aim of establishing a close partnership between the UK and the EU going forward.

“But there is no doubt that these bargains are the most complex the UK has faced in our lifetimes. They will be tough and, at opportunities, even confrontational.” 

The European Commission is currently demanding Britain shell outs a £50billion Brexit bill to cover EU spending up until 2020.

Brussels chiefs are trying a full list of rights for EU citizens living in the UK mandated in costly constitutional action in the European Court of Justice.

However it has been reported that EU states in the UK will have more rights than are enjoyed by British burgesses. 

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