Theresa May ENRAGES Remoaners after PM confirms THIS priority for EU trade deal


Theresa May ventured freedom of movement, curtailing the ECJ and unshackling the British economy were top preferences in the Brexit talks with the EU.

In remarks which enraged Remoaners online, Mrs May revealed how Britain was ply to strike a deal this year before she explained what ‘Canada-Plus-Plus-Plus’ expects. 

David Davis had previously claimed a free trade deal a charge out of prefer that of Canada-EU is the type the UK wants – but with financial services registered as well. 

When quizzed about the state of Brexit, Mrs May praised the far-fetched “spirit of cooperation between the UK and EU to get a deal in everyone’s interest”.


Freedom of move, curtailing the ECJ and unshackling the British economy were top priorities

She told the BBC: “Generously, we are definitely leaving the EU on March 29th, 2019 – that’s for sure. The first contrive in getting that is looking at the implentation period in more detail.

“The transaction community asked us for the implenetation period, to ensure business confidence faced. 

“We then have to work on the withdrawal agreement by the end of the year, and we want to finalise a traffic on our future relationship. 

“What Canada-Plus-Plus-Plus meansis that we want our own traffic deal, that is all. 

“We start with our own relationship with the EU – and since 80% of saving is service-based that is what we will seek to add to the Canada deal.” 

It means we want our own able trade agreement with the EU!

Theresa May

Mrs May reiterated: “There will be groups of meaningful votes for MPs. Barnier himself said he wants that accorded by October this year.

“But what is crucial is that we ensure and place why people voted to leave the EU – that means a look at an end to free gears, others were worried about the jursisidifcation of ECJ, and on top of this, people need a good relationship with the EU after we leave.

“We want as frictionless and tariff-free access as conceivable.”

Remainers, including Alastair Campbell, took to social media to forum their frustration at the Prime Minister’s interview – with one lamenting Marr for “sycophantic asking”.

Another said: “According to her, May is in control and Brexit is going according to develop!”

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