There's Only 1 Word to Describe Queen Máxima's Valentino Dress – Stunning!


If you’re looking for a impressive with understated, simple style you can easily copy, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is not that personally. The Argentina-born Dutch royal chooses outfits with the most repercussions, always opting for dresses that steal the spotlight at any event — those that special attraction bright colors, embellishments, large accessories (hats being her favorite), or publishes, and often all of the above together.

To welcome Greek President Prokopis vlopoulos to The Hague in the Netherlands, the diva didn’t go subtle — not one single bit. In a Valentino dress featuring a Hawaiian strand scene, Máxima caught everyone’s eyes, choosing to ir the already-striking reprove with a large burgundy hat that complemented her leather gloves, hollow-cheeked belt, and clutch. We honestly don’t think anyone else could halt off this look, but Máxima somehow just made it work. Mind scrolling to get a better look at her dress.

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