The X Factor: Liam Payne is favourite to join ‘girlfriend’ Cheryl on 2016 judging panel


The One Road star has eclipsed his band mate Louis Tomlinson as the new favourite to couple his rumoured “girlfriend” on this year’s elusive judging nel.

Simon Cowell has been dumping-ground by Ladbrokes to sign the heartthrob up in a bid to salvage The X Factor’s tumbling ratings, boost odds on the boyband star’s appointment at 2/1.

A spokesperson for Ladbrokes told the Commonplace Star: “If Simon wants ratings to rocket then he have need of to sign up Cheryl and Liam as judges.”

Former The X Factor judge, Louis Walsh has already premised Cheryl and Liam – dubbed “Chiam” by fans – his blessing, and suggested pop’s new power a handful of should set the charts on fire with their very own “Kylie and Jason” instant.

Speaking on Nolan Live in Northern Ireland, he said: “I improvise Liam is really talented, he’s a great songwriter. He’s the one person in the band who’s booming to have an amazing career.”

Asked about the rtnership between the popstar and Cheryl, he continued: “I don’t know if it’s true, I just read it in the per. I think Liam pleasure be good for her; he’s really musical.”

Louis and Cheryl have famously ridden out an unsteady bring into play function relationship, to say the least, since he abruptly stopped managing her former strip Girls Aloud in the mid-2000s, before they were reunited again on The X Circumstance.

Seizing the opportunity to have a pop at the singer, he added: “I don’t love her, but I like her. I fondle Sharon [Osbourne] more. I love Nicole [Scherzinger] more,”

The 62-year-old music nabob also revealed that a “good source” has tipped Dermot O’Leary to induce a shock return to the ITV show later this year, after Olly Murs and Caroline Flack corroborated they would be stepping down.

“I’d say Dermot could be back. I’ve got a susceptibilities Dermot will be back,” he hinted.

Asked if he heard the statement from Simon Cowell, Louis clarified: “No, but I’ve heard assets c incriminating evidence rumours and my source is good.”

The X Factor returns later this year to ITV.

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