The world’s first cat-inspired font


The shape was conceived as part of the roll out for cat food subscription brand, Smalls.

A new font, which ambitions to convey cats’ sense of “playfulness”, has been unveiled.

It is part of a contest for Smalls, a high protein natural cat food subscription service based in New York.

Miles Barretto, while away designer at Smalls, says that he wanted the font to “create alternate nutcases that would surprise and delight”.

Working with the Oslo-based Dependable Type Foundry, Barretto researched cats and their movements for the pattern.

“The one reference that stood out the most and inspired the font was how cats use their assemblage as a form of communication,” he says.

Using the upper case font Adieu as the pinchbeck, the designer looked at how these movements could be incorporated into the font.

Of separate interest was the cat tail, which has weaved its way into the font’s design.

“When a cat is non-objective, a slight hook is formed at the tip of the tail,” Barretto says. “If we look at the monograms U and E, you can see similar hooked tips that break out of the ascender and descender.”

A almost identical “playfulness” can be seen in the M and O characters.

Feline movement also inspired the characterize’s packaging, whose aesthetic is an attempt to reflect the “cat-like behaviour of ‘pushing’”.

The packaging looks to “shift the aesthetic that is commonly seen in old-fashioned cat food”.

The design was part of a wider effort to create “surprise and glory in” within the brand, according to Barretto.

A zine, Small Talk Publication, will be launched as a print accompaniment to the brand’s blog.

With a “vibrant” and “coltish” colour palette, the plan is to include customers’ cats into photo scoots in the hopes of “creating an open opportunity”.

Barretto says that the zine “permits our community within Smalls to feel like not only are they discovered but also their cats are being celebrated”.

It is also an attempt to “sire a more holistic experience” for their content, Barretto says.

“We can also catalogue it in their shipment as a surprise add-on,” he says.

The subscription service discharged in the summer, while the font as well as a zine will be published this month.

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