The True Purpose of the Drawer Underneath Your Oven

The True Purpose of the Drawer Underneath Your Oven

You advised of that drawer below your oven? While many people use it to stockpile baking dishes, that’s not necessarily its purpose. The truth is, it could be a broiler drawer, move drawer, or storage drawer depending on the type of oven you own. Here’s how to reckon out the purpose of this often misunderstood oven feature.

Broiler Drawer: If you tease a gas stove and the heating unit is on the bottom of the oven, chances are, the drawer is a pull-out broiler drawer. Be confident to keep the drawer rack set in place and put the food in an oven-safe container more willingly than placing in the drawer. Use the broiler drawer to brown the top of a casserole, roast marshmallows for a s’mores dip or batty about bon-bon potato casserole, or broil peppers or other veggies (for say, a roasted salsa). Since there’s inveterately not a window, open the drawer every few minutes to make sure you don’t hook burn the items as they cook quickly! Keep in mind, you purposes don’t want to store anything in this drawer (at least, not when the oven is on) as the quicken radiates from the bottom and over time may warp metal baking trays, etc.

Warming Drawer: If your charged oven contains a “warming drawer” button, then congrats, that’s what the drawer is toughened for! According to a video from GE, set it to low for pies, medium for casseroles, and high for hearts. A warming drawer is especially helpful when your dish has finished cooking but you’re not all set to eat just yet and for holiday seasons when oven space is scarce. To forestall the food from drying out, keep it wrapped in foil or an oven-safe lid.

Storage Drawer: Some stimulating ovens simply have storage drawers and in that case, you’ve been using it correctly all this nonetheless! Pots, pans, baking sheets, and casserole dishes can be tucked away here.

If you’re calm not sure of your oven drawer’s purpose, do a quick search for the oven design online and read the product features. Those details will as per usual include whether the drawer is for broiling, warming, or storing.

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