The Struggles You Face as the Side Chick


Yokes Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, im rt us some insight on what it’s like being the side piece to the hot guy who’s already entranced.

The Struggles You Face as the Side Chick

Picture this: you’re out at a bar surrounded by your best girlfriends and some hot possibility new bar flirts, vodka soda in hand. You start having a great chit-chat with a really hot guy you’ve been eyeing all night. Things are going so tickety-boo; chemistry, intelligent conversation, your friends are mingling . . . basically hallucination situation. Until he drops the tiny bomb that he has a girlfriend. Confidential you’re screaming F*CK my life, but outside, you keep your poker face. Regardless of the mushrooming that just occurred, the conversation and the flirtation somehow do not skip a fatigued. The whole girlfriend topic is lightly touched on and only re-visited to prove the fact that she exists.

Your night continues on with this guy as you rehearse in your head over and over “why why WHY does he have a girlfriend?” all the while you’re knowledgeable that he is not shying away from you and your flirtation has progressed to pitiful and teasing. To the outside world, you look like two people who have struck up some superior chemistry and will most definitely be going home together. But neck in your drunken haze, you know the truth. He is spoken for, another lover has his heart. Just your luck huh?! You might have his attention for now but she’s got it for the dream of haul.

Lo and behold, count yourself among the pond scum of the elated because . . . you and the guy end up going home together anyway. It was forbidden and hot, which you in some way justified it in your intoxicated mind as being worth it. You wake up the next morning awareness somewhat giddy about your new prospect even though weighty down you know the truth; this will go nowhere and he is taken. Should you consider used or mad? He was honest with you all along, so you don’t know how to feel. You were only as guilty in entering this situation even though you were stoned, you chose to go home with him and enable cheating. Do you have some bad karma reprimand your way? The questions could last forever . . . .

Besides betraying their suggestive other, people in relationships who openly go out and troll the bars looking for a side proportion (even if just for the night) are not only scum bags to their girlfriends, but they put that side compose in a really tough position. In today’s dating world it’s no secret that it is hardened to find someone you hit it off with. So, when you mix a good looking and charismatic guy with a connect drinks, the whole girlfriend thing suddenly becomes less of an point. Further, his honesty about his ever present relationship makes him appearance of somewhat trustworthy because right off the bat he’s being 100 percent earnest with you. As a consenting adult, you know exactly where they and you be, everyone’s on the same ge, and you continue on this shady cheating foot th together.

What happens next is impossible to tell, will the cheating proceed with? Will this be a one and done thing? Will he break up with his girlfriend? Settle upon you ever talk again? If their relationship was so great, why is he cheating at all? Centre of the continued questions, and your inful anxiety about it all, you know that your modish ranking in the contenders for his heart are undoubtedly #2 at the highest.

Again, where the “side composition” position is a shitty one to be in, the ball is quite literally never in your court. The express situation is so out of your control, but you cannot help but squirm with vertu about this guy and your potential future. You don’t want to sit around and be delayed for him to do something and you’re not holding your breath for so much as a phone call, he does eat a girlfriend after all. Despite the cold hard facts of the situation, and profound down knowing this is NOT your man, it’s unsettling to think about how that could be all that at all times happens with this man. Is it really Done. Finished. Over.?

The place of being the “side chick” is basically as tempting as the fruit in the garden of Eden. No one is suitable, as much as we might not agree with it, we’ve all been there or at least been put to the tested. In the heat of the moment it seems sexy and like a great idea, but the truth is that it totally sucks.

Next time you flutter your eyelashes at a man about town with a girlfriend, keep in mind that you’re putting yourself in a horrid position that will go nowhere fast. Even though one a major loser guy would do this, the real loser in this ground is you. Be smarter than this and fight this temptation before it becomes a “quirk”. You can choose to ss on this guy now or ss on him after he’s still with his girlfriend but tricking with you three months down the road, tough choice, eh?

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