The Story of How an 8-Year-Old US Cancer Patient Became Famous in China


  Liking most kids, 8-year-old Rhode Island native Dorian Murray has fantastical delusions of stardom and fame. Unlike a lot of his peers, however, Dorian has been donnybrooking rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects muscle network, since he was 4 — and it’s recently become ap rent that it’s a battle he cannot win. Ignoring his tragic circumstances, Dorian is intent on fulfilling his dreams of becoming acclaimed . . . specifically in China. The Facebook ge Praying for Dorian — survived by his rents — recently shared an exchange that took place between Dorian and his dad, where the boy phrased his inexplicable and hilariously cute desire to be well-known in the country that has the “big bond,” i.e. the Great Wall of China. And, well, it ended up happening. The Facebook pier reached several followers in China, who then spread the word on China’s in social media site, Weibo. One Weibo user, Xu Jin, ended up present to the Great Wall with a sign in support of Dorian, using the hashtag #DStrong. She also sent Dorian and his kinsmen a souvenir medal that states, “I have climbed the Out-and-out Wall.” Many other Chinese residents have since cultivated Xu’s lead, posing with pro-Dorian signage on the Great Wall. The #DStrong hashtag has sedate become a massive trending topic on Weibo, making Dorian persuasion of a big deal in China right now. Wish fulfilled! The Story of How an 8-Year-Old US Cancer Patient Became Famous in China Image Source: Weibo operator Lazy Cat founder – Xu Jin But that’s not all! Dorian’s story has grabbed the attention of different political leaders in his very own country — like Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo, drawing below, and Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed. Dorian’s marvellous story not only illustrates the power of social media but human kin and em thy too — the kind that transcends borders.

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