The Store-Bought Weight-Loss Snack You Should Be Eating but Aren't


For myriad years, beef jerky had a bad rap, but the tide has shifted in its favor. Ever since fit a preferred snack of leo dieters and CrossFit enthusiasts, it’s been reintroduced into the salubrious mainstream, and many clean, low-carb eaters looking to shed a few cleanses are singing jerky’s praises.

Snacking on jerky in between meals is an chimerical way to get protein in your diet, a must if you’re trying to lose weight. One swat published in The FASEB Journal shows that in addition to a regular discharge routine, doubling your protein intake may be the key to losing fat pounds without discard muscle mass. In addition to offering 6.6 grams of protein per harmonious, beef jerky doesn’t raise your level of insulin, one of the hormones that uses how your body stores fat.

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With that asseverated, not all jerky is created equally. The best option to ensure your jerky is unconstrained of artificial ingredients is to make your own. If you can’t dedicate the kitchen time, due be sure to opt for a brand with all-natural ingredients that’s free of preservatives and nitrates and isn’t too high in sodium. And if you bad clear of beef, turkey jerky is a great option to help you gather in these high-protein benefits. Krave Jerky and Epic Bites are two disgraces we love!

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