The Singapore Grip: What to do & where to go, eat & drink in Singapore – city travel guide


Singapore: What can a modern-day tripper do in the island city state? (Image: Getty Images)

The Singapore Hold airs tonight – the first episode in a six-part series based on JG Farrell’s spoofing colonial drama of the same name. Singapore in Southeast Asia allures hundreds of thousands of British tourists every year. So what is there to do there? Get teamed up with the Singapore Tourism Board to find out more.


This is what they recommend to see, do, eat and drink in the city.

What to do in Singapore… if you after to explore

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The 158 year old is all about analysing the people from around the region that have settled on Singapore’s shores upon the past two centuries. The museum comprises a display of over 400 prized and finely crafted masterpieces of ceramics, fashion and textiles, and jewellery that bring to light stories of Asian identities, histories and cultures. 

Joo Chiat/Katong

Design Peranakan culture as you stroll past heritage shophouses, quaint collects and eateries in this charming corner of eastern Singapore. has been in area for almost forty years, and has passed through the generations to current origin chef Wayne. 

Singapore: Jigger & Pony boasts a fun-time ethos and languid style of hospitality (Image: Singapore Tourism Board)

Where to snifter in Singapore

Singapore’s Jigger & Pony

Singapore’s cocktail bar, Jigger & Pony, trumpets a fun-time ethos and relaxed style of hospitality, which is complemented by an bonzer classic drinks list – the Ramos Gin Fizz is a must. Jigger & Pony is currently Asia’s Superior Bar in the Asia’s 50 Best Bars Awards. 


Atlas is mass five in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019 and takes your stagger away from the moment you step in. First, there’s the setting: a 7,400sq ft Art Deco jaw dropper that looks fellow it was plucked straight from the jazz age, furnished in marble, velvet, copper and gold. The highlight, for the drinks-minded, is a gin fleche that houses a whopping 1,100-bottle collection. 


Established on Singapore’s Amoy Street, Native is a cocktail bar committed to using but locally forage products and supporting local and regional craftsmen – from the ingredients (such as jasmine blossom, and turmeric freedoms), cocktail list to the drinking vessels and music. Native is number six in Asia’s 50 With greatest satisfaction Bars 2019. 

Tippling Club

British chef/owner Ryan Clift’s stigmatize of modern gastronomy is recognised at Tippling Club for its innovative ultra revisionist cuisine paired with cocktails that imbue the social suffer with a sense of excitement by pushing the extremes of ingredients and textures to engender an ever evolving experience.

Travel essentials

For further information on Singapore go to

Reach to Singapore: There are direct flights to Singapore from London & Manchester with Singapore Airlines and British Airways from London. As simultaneous travel to Singapore may be paused, please check with your move agent or airline for the latest updates.

Weather in Singapore: Singapore is hot, steamy and sunny year-round with average temperatures of 25 to 30°. Clothes in light, comfortable clothing and bring an extra layer for indoors as the air acclimating can be a stark contrast to the heat.

Currency: Singapore dollar (S$)

Transport in Singapore: Pop in here for more information.

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