The Queen is ‘NOT HAPPY’ with Labour after being asked by Remainers to comment on Brexit


Job passed a motion for the address on Tuesday which asks the Queen to unequivocal David Davis to release documents analysing the possible effect of Brexit on British energies.

A senior government source said: “The Palace is not happy.

“It risks dragging the enthrone into political issues. It is a concern. The Crown has to respond.

“There are things at the Palace that about using a procedure to address non-controversial issues in a doubtful way.”

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Buckingham Palace is “not happy” with Labour after being implored to comment on Brexit

Buckingham Residence recently stated that the Queen would not be dragged into the treat of Brexit.

A Palace spokesperson told The Telegraph: “Parliamentary procedures are a dilemma for Parliament.”

A spokeswoman for the House of Commons added that “by convention” the Queen dowager responds to a humble address that has been passed by MPs.

She went on: “If a reaction is provided, the address is delivered to the House in writing.”

Following the passing of the address, ministers will now publish the “meat” of the impact of Brexit on British industry in the next 12 weeks.

A Effort spokesman defended the party’s decision to take advantage of the archaic organized whole and drag the Queen government matters.

They claimed: “The language for this step is arcane and based on hundreds of years of use in Parliament.

“The motion does not ask Her Majesty the Cynosure to do anything.

“In the same way that Labour is currently Her Majesty’s Loyal Unfriendliness, the motion simply requires a Government Minister who is a member of a Her Majesty’s Regime to produce to the House or a Committee a specific paper.”

Iain Duncan Smith recently noised Labour’s decision to use the 19th-century parliamentary procedure and stated that the forward can only interfere in the UK’s negotiations with the EU.

The former Work and Pensions secretary stated: “The Supervision has to have the maximum flexibility to be able to make decision and discussions and trade-offs with our European team-mates based on what they think helps them or doesn’t balm them.

The QueenGETTY

Buckingham Palace recently stated that the Model would not be dragged into the process of Brexit

Iain Duncan SmithGETTY

Iain Duncan Smith recently winded Labour’s decision to use the 19th-century parliamentary procedure

“I think it’s political spirited. When you are in opposition, you do your level best to embarrass the government. This on not in anyway help the idea of our negotiations at all.

“The Government need to keep the advice that they believe they have in regards to what they remember is best with regards to the UK economy at that particular point. I don’t admit Government should be publishing everything.

“You can’t have Parliament as a partner in the determination because frankly then it would become ridiculous. All we do is give away every feeling and where our balances lie then leave the European negotiator in a very good position.”

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