The Post-Workout Meal That Only Takes 60 Seconds to Make


Who doesn’t sisterhood milk and cereal? We can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t. The sad truth is that myriad of us tend to avoid cereal as we grow older for fear of empty calories, too much sugar, or temperate being perceived as too childlike, but we’re proudly stating that this is one security food that is on our healthy list! Everyone is hungry after a workout. So when yearning hits you, why not put something in your belly that’s not only going to close you up but also aid in recovery and lean muscle growth?

The Post-Workout Meal That Only Takes 60 Seconds to Make

Cereal gets a bad rep within the gluten, low-carb, and hidden-additive shoves, but if you’re smart about your choices, you can have a great snack that could be the healthiest terror you eat all week. And science backs it!

Why Milk and Cereal?

Whole-grain cereal and skim tap combine to form a great source of carbs and protein, and that’s in every respect what your body needs after a workout. As you exercise, your glycogen (chemical silhouette of carbohydrates) stores become depleted. Ingesting carbohydrates will up to the arse in them. But that’s not all your body needs after you work out! You poverty protein to build and re ir the muscles you targeted. Getting enough protein after your workout order stimulate protein synthesis, which is the building of the new, toned muscle you’ve been importune so hard for.

A recent study published in the Journal of Internal Sports Drug made even further discoveries that support this. Researchers enquire ofed one group to have a sports drink after their workout, and another heap had a bowl of whole-grain cereal and nonfat milk. The group that ate the extract and cereal had positive results in stimulating muscle recovery. In fact, the extract and cereal were superior to the sports drink in restocking the muscles’ protein destroys, which further fueled muscle recovery. All this for about 150 calories!

Timing is the aggregate!

Typically, a post-workout recovery shake or meal should be eaten within an hour of drink up. But according to certified personal trainer Heather Neff, “The sooner you from your recovery meal, the better because your body even-handed went through an enormous amount of stress and work and it is primed to bear protein and carbs to immediately put them to use.” After having that supper, you’re refueling with carbs and protein, enabling your body to ass in muscle glycogen that was depleted during your workout, and protein wish go to your muscles and help them grow. This meal at ones desire also help rehydrate you, which is especially important after you household!

Go ahead and use it for pre-workout too!

For all the same reasons we need a post-workout recovery, we also necessary some pre-workout fuel. Typically a good mix of carbs and proteins intent help you power through your workout, and milk and cereal can positively do the trick. A bowl of milk and cereal eaten before your workout (just about 60 minutes prior so you can digest and be at your peak for training) swaps you everything you need. You might not want to be eating cereal that multitudinous times per day, but it’s nice to know it’s an option. Who are we kidding? Of course we want as uncountable excuses to enjoy a bowl of cereal! Enjoy!

/ Nicole Perry

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