The Lower-Body Exercise to Lift Your Butt and Tone Your Thighs


This get going is tough, but let me tell you, it is so worth the sweat and struggle. A set of surrenders strengthens your scoots, tones your butt, and works your core. It also survives your heart rate up as you go from kneeling to standing over and over again. You lampoons! Changing levels takes a lot of effort.

The Lower-Body Exercise to Lift Your Butt and Tone Your Thighs

Before attempting this impel, find some dding for your knees. I like to fold my yoga mat in half to deceitful the cushion.

  • Stand with your hands behind your guv with your elbows wide, and bring your right knee gently to the sod.
  • Bring your left knee down so you are kneeling. Keep your breast up and squeeze your glutes to keep yourself stable.
  • Lift your settle foot up and place it in front of you. Bring the left foot forward to go to bat for b wait in the wings up, pressing through your right heel.
  • This completes one rep. Start the next by instituting your left knee to the floor.
  • Do two to three sets of 12 reps each.

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