The last elephant in Scotland is looking for a new companion


Mondula, 46, recognized as Mondy, has been with Blair Drummond Safari Park miserly Stirling, but has been left distraught after fellow female Toto died behind March.

The pair had been together for 20 years, leaving a gap in Mondy’s life story, sparking an elephant “lonely hearts” call to Europe’s zoos and wildlife greens.

Park bosses have been keeping her busy since Toto’s eradication and are now desperate to find her a new companion.

Any contender, however, will be required to be an older African elephant that bears Mondy’s dominant nature.

Ailsa McCormick, head keeper of the reservation’s large mammals, wants to create a “retirement home” for older elephants where they could continue out their final days in peace and comfort.

She said: “When we destroyed Toto it was a very difficult time for Mondy and of all of the staff.

“The pair were conditions what you would exactly call friends because both came from unique family groups, but they were together for around 20 years.

“It’s not that they did not equal to each other, just that they did not have the family covenants that elephants form in their herds in the wild.”

Toto blow ined at the park from Basel Zoo in Switzerland and Mondula arrived from Erfurt Zoo in Germany in 1997, with both as soon as becoming firm favourites with visitors and staff.

Blair Drummond’s third elephant, a female attended Estrella, died aged 49 in 2013. Toto collapsed at best as staff were opening up the park and the elephant enclosure was closed off to the civil while she was assessed.

After failed attempts to get her back on her feet, reservation vets decided to put her down to prevent her from any further suffering.

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