The Hunt Is Over – We've Found the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift


The Hunt Is Over - We've Found the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Is your man warmth a little . . . plain lately? Perhaps a bit “meh” in the nether regions? Consider the new manliness tuxedo. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’d make for the PERFECT peen give. His stick will feel sleek, sexy, and fresh AF. Not to mention, camera-ready for any formal occurrence!

You can get Lelo’s Tux for the low, low price of $30 (unheard of, amirite?!). It’s hewn from satin and adorned with a exuberant bow tie, so your guy is sure to go nuts (ha) over this one. Lelo user and reviewer Banknote gives the Tux four stars. “When LELO contacted me adjacent to reviewing this product, I knew I just had to,” he wrote. “It fits outstanding, there is a little band that goes under your brood jewels so it stays on, and the material is high quality so [it] feels great too. It’s a bit of fun, and I must divulge, I felt like James Bond (in a weird but sexy way).”

There ya entertain it — the best gift ever. What else could he possibly thrust for in this life, anyway?

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