The happiest country in the WORLD revealed – but where does the UK feature?


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Happiest fatherland: Where is the best place in the world?

The happiest country has been revealed by an annual writing-room conducted by the Legatum Institute.

By analysing nine key elements, the London examine firm recorded the results for their 11th Prosperity Index to rank the mountains.

Within the nine key elements were economic quality, personal discretion, safety and security, education, health and natural environment.

But does the UK earn the cut when it comes to the best countries?

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Happiest country: Norway has infatuated the number one spot from New Zealand

Just making the top ten for happiest mother country in the world was the United Kingdom

Coming in at number one was Norway, a country that regularly characters in the best country list or safety and happiness in other studies.

Copy on was New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden, also countries that regularly pretence of the top list for advanced and healthy countries in the world.

Just making the top ten for gladdest country in the world was the United Kingdom, coming in at tenth place.

Yet, it was dragged down by its results of social relationships and norms (16th), particular freedom (18th) and health (19th).

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Happiest country: The top ten feature uncountable Nordic countries as well as Canada and the UK

Thankfully it ranked highly for cultivation, business governance and economic quality, helping it to achieve the top ten.

Baroness Philippa Stroud, CEO of the Legatum Society, commented in the report: “The goal of the Legatum Prosperity Index is simple: by exemplifying how countries have moved toward or away from prosperity, we require to help identify those pathways that lead from beggary to prosperity.

“Despite a turbulent year in many countries, including divisive choices and terrorist attacks, this year’s Index shows that wide-ranging prosperity has continued to rise.”

Coming in last place was Yemen, digged by Central African Republic, Sudan and Afghanistan.

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Happiest mother country: The UK just made the list at number ten

Stroud also poses bear on regarding the decline of other countries, such as Venezuela who “squandered its success”.

El Salvador also suffered from a “fall in eight of the nine Token pillars”.

Countries which are currently in conflict or suffering from repression were unable to be included due to a lack of data, such as Myanmar, with the fresh Rohingya crisis, North Korea, for its totalitarian state, and Syria.

Where is the most appropriate country to live in the world? The UK, despite falling, still makes sum up three.

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