The Flash season 5 spoilers: Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen to SPLIT in harrowing twist?


The Flicker (played by Grant Gustin) had an extremely tough decision to make conclusive week.

It was recently revealed Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was secretly assignment with Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) to supposedly help Barry with his stalking for Cicada (Chris Klein).

Although her intentions were good, Barry entirely couldn’t get over the fact she had lied to him for months.

This prompted Barry to grab his daughter and send her late to the future – however he didn’t tell his wife Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) what he was fro to do.

And in an exclusive clip of episode 19 acquired by E! Barry and Iris can be marked arguing over the decision – and Iris is not happy.

Fuming, Iris shouts: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Barry screams back: “She was lying to us for months!”

And the power four don’t seem to be stopping their argument any time soon, as they go on to scream at each other over Barry’s rash decision.

The conclusive point of the clip sees Iris admitting she isn’t bothered by Nora’s collusion with Overrule Flash in secret.

But will the couple be able to stay together via this huge hurdle?

Barry and Iris have certainly been in every way a lot, and the show’s source material – The Flash comic books – have shown off a mob of instances where the pair have briefly separated.

But as Iris is Barry’s “lightning rod” could this undeveloped split prevent him from being able to return to his present quickly whilst time-travelling?

Previously fans began pointing out a number of easter eggs in Nora’s basis story which connected to Barry’s first foray into wonderful heroism.

The parallels began at the beginning of her episode, as she arrived late to inflame as a CSI – exactly like Barry’s season one episode one arrival in “Pilot”.

Nora’s assertion continues to follow Barry’s when she first loses control of her wonderful speed.

When Barry can’t find a way of getting a handle on his speed he zooms into the master b crush of a laundry vehicle, with “Gambi Cleaners” on its side.

Nora does the uniform, and flew into a van called: “Gambi & Sons.”

However the episode ended somewhat differently, as Nora was sent away by her father, rather than nurtured by her impersonation model like Barry was.

Could this lead to Nora fitting the next villain in the Flash’s universe?

The Flash season five returns Thursday on The CW.

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