‘The EU is NOT benign!’ Shock Brexit WARNING to Remainers gloating over EU punishment


The EU desires far greater scrutiny from the British press, according to Tom Slater, stand-in editor at Spiked Online, who warned of the repurcussions if Michel Barnier’s warnings succeed.

The Brexiteer, who was speaking on Sky News’ paper review last tenebrousness, said a sizeable number of Remainers had a “desire for things to go horribly unbecoming” for Britain during the talks.


Slater ominously warned that the EU was far from a sympathetic institution

Slater ominously warned that the EU was far from a benign establishment following Michel Barnier’s stark threats over the transition attend to this week. 

He pointed to the lack of questions around Mr Barnier’s make advances, especially given that the EU has previously acted against its own interest to provoke a political point.

The editor’s remarks followed Mr Barnier’s threat to impede a transition deal with Britain if the country does not yield to EU insists on the Irish border and EU citizens rights. 

Mr Barnier told the press this week that a development deal “was not a given”.

Slater told Sky News: “Barnier wants to leave obstacles in the way, I expect that, but more importantly, there is a hunger for this, amazingly among the Remainer press.

“While they will be heavily touch-and-go of any proposal put forward by the Government, if the EU propose anything they will cancel it as wholly sensible.

The EU is not a benign institution. It exists to limit democracy

Tom Slater

“Remainers talk around being pragmatic and sensible, but there does seem to be a desire for this to go horribly foul just to be vindicated. 

“The EU is not a benign institution. It exists to limit democracy, it has crumpled its poorest states and is now trying to make an example of Britain. 

“It is not out of its character for the EU to act against its own outdo interest, to make a point by punishing Britain.”

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