The Crusader: Staggering hike in holiday fraud


The dreadful findings come in a new report from leading travel trade assembly ABTA, the City of London Police and adviser Get Safe Online.

Acts show a rise of 425 per cent in the amount lost to travel crooks – to £11.5 million in year from £2.2 million in 2014.

Individually people were conned out of wide £3,000 each.

Summer and Christmas time, when people tome last-minute flights home, are the peak times for criminals.

The young middle-aged, those in the 30-49 years division usually with young families, are the ones most targeted.

Floor a year almost 5,000 cases of holiday booking fraud were reported to the control.

Tips to avoid being a victim include:

* Checking out the web address is by law and not altered by slight changes to the domain name, for example from to .org

* Searching online a hard’s credentials and not relying on just one review

* Ensuring the com ny belongs to a trusted trade body

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