The Crusader: Cold caller victim gets full refund


tricia terminated to Crusader with her sorry tale last month, believing she had been hare-brained and that she was the one to blame for the money being taken.

But we could not agree aeons ago she had described what had gone on when she answered a cold call. Had the caller been troublesome to sell her something and she’d volunteered her bank details then that commitment have been harder to defend. But this one mentioned a mail purpose that com ny, Natura Health Care, that tricia had bought supplements from time st without any problem.

“He said it was closing down some customers’ accounts and needed to substantiate my bank card details to make sure it was done correctly. No evaluations of products were mentioned. I didn’t intend to buy anything more and so I did what he said,” tricia elucidates.

She was surprised when she got a box of ginkgo biloba tablets she had not ordered and horrified when she saw her bank averral. A colossal £399 had been debited by a com ny called House of Naturecare Ltd, with two manifold contact addresses in London.

More information in the ckage she was sent registered the goods had been des tched from a firm called Nutri Heedfulness Quest Ltd, from what appeared to be a residential address in Peterborough.

“I’m on a key pension and this is like losing three weeks’ income,” she told Crusader. When tricia, a Co-operative Bank chap, alerted her local branch in Nottingham, she was asked if she had given her bank fatigues.

She answered truthfully that she had but the key point about how they had been got from her was not picked up.

“The bank says I was responsible for disclosing the information and so nothing could be done,” she said. “Although the bank did deny stuff up more yments being taken.”

Given the circumstances we asked the bank to look again at the meaningfulness. House of Naturecare is a UK com ny and trading according to Com nies House with a chief, Fredy Fernandes.

tricia had id by debit card and we thought it ca city be possible for her bank to reverse the transaction, known as a chargeback, leaving Contain of Naturecare to challenge the move.

And Crusader also contacted the com ny, insistent that tricia be refunded. However, despite our concerns about rliament of Naturecare’s sales methods, director Mr Fernandes did respond promptly.

tricia was sent a cheque, next day presentation too, which she cashed without problem.

Mr Fernandes told Crusader: “Amuse accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to Mrs Humphreys. I will try to study this matter with my sales team as to how this happened and to score sure that such things do not happen in the future.”

How the com ny got her spell outs in the first place remains unclear but we then discovered that the Co-operative Bank had been engross on tricia’s behalf too.

A spokeswoman explained: “We’re pleased to hear that Mrs Humphreys has had a refund for the amount she aimed from the com ny.

“If a refund hadn’t been issued by them, the bank could accept actioned a chargeback for her on the grounds of misrepresentation, as it was not made clear to Mrs Humphreys that she wish be charged during her call with them.

“We have written to her with an excuse of how a chargeback could have been applied.” The bank also sent her £100 as a goodwill indicate.

“I can hardly believe the way this has turned out,” she said. “I am so thankful.”

Consumers be on ones guard. If you give your bank details in the course of buying goods and do not scrutinize terms beforehand, you could be liable if the cost is greater than awaited. Card protections may not apply, so don’t be drawn in if you’re called by a stranger.

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