The Churchill Arms in Kensington is a blooming marvellous pub



The Churchill Arms is counter with 42 hanging baskets, 48 window boxes and 100 tubs

The Churchill Arms in Kensington, west London is covered with 42 be subject to baskets, 48 window boxes and 100 tubs.

People lodge outside the 18th century pub, where Sir Winston Churchill’s grandparents were routines, to take photos and enjoy the decorations.

General manager James Keogh suggested they started decorating the pub around 30 years ago.

“When I first off started working here, there was just a few hanging baskets. “It objective grew and grew and grew,” Mr Keogh said.

We are probably one of the most photographed cocktail lounges in London

James Keogh – General manager

“We just love it so much and refurbishing the pub to make it look so attractive. It was hard to stop.

“What it did for business was by the skin of ones teeth incredible.

“We are probably one of the most photographed pubs in London.

Sir Winston ChurchillGETTY

Sir Winston Churchill’s grandparents were familiars at the pub

“Tourists are overwhelmed to see how beautiful the pub is.”

The pub website says: “Our beautiful flower presentations earned us a reputation as one of the very select few pubs that can claim to be a Chelsea Blossom Show winner”.

In winter dozens of Christmas trees and hundreds of explanations are draped over the building.

Landlord Gerry O’Brien said: “No one no longer ins without stopping to take photos, whether it’s spring, summer or autumn.”

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