The Chase's The Beast has a NIGHTMARE game proclaiming 'I'm beating myself'


The Chaser terminate up getting beaten by a team of four, who bagged an impressive cash prizewinning of £18,000, after he got at least six questions wrong in the final round. 

Things were not contemporary well for him from the start in the earlier rounds as he kept making bad moves when answering questions.

At one point he was left confused by one question and wind up up giving the opposite answer to what he was being asked.

Bradley Walsh had displayed the question: “Which is the longest blade? A. Figure skating, B. Ice Hockey, or C. Run skating.”

The correct answer was the last option but Mark went for ice hockey, erroneously reflective that he was supposed to be naming the shortest blade.

As soon as the right reply was revealed, The Beast could be seen kicking himself and looking dismayed.

“I was meditative the shortest blade, I’m beating myself!” he told the presenter. Mark frustratedly added: “I supplied the right answer to the wrong question!” 

Throughout the tense episode, Objective kept saying that he was having a nightmare, resulting in all the contestants outrunning him in the inaugural rounds. 

But, viewers watching the daily quiz show at home were delight seeing the quiz giant getting toppled and took to Twitter to share their mirthfulness.

One person wrote: “@MarkLabbett Rough day at the office for that one Beastie. Pushbacks won it for them but that aim money could have been huge. #Thechase.”

“The Beast has had a nightmare #TheChase,” someone else shored.

A third person said: “The Beast has had a shocker today… #TheChase.”

“Sweetie it when the chaser loses. Such a poor performance from The Creature. Team could have been playin for so much more. #thechase,” tweeted another.

The Hunting continues on ITV on weekdays at 5pm.

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