The Chase: ‘You any good at it?’ Bradley Walsh stunned by contestant’s unusual hobby


Bradley Walsh, 58, gratified four new competitors to The Chase, all hoping to get their hands on a share of the jackpot best.

However, before doing so, they would have to take on The Vixen distinguished Jenny Ryan, 37, in multiple rounds on the ITV quiz show.

Gold medal up to play this afternoon was contestant Arthur, who was hoping to travel to America with his deal of the prize to explore his unusual hobby further.

Explaining what he feel attracted ti to do in his spare time, the 53-year-old left host Bradley speechless with his entry.

Welcoming Arthur to the show, the contestant went on to tell Bradley what he does in his day to day fixation as an IT analyst.

However, without Bradley having to ask, Arthur went on to communicate in about his hobby, telling the host: “In my spare time, I love to skip. That’s my passion.”

Bradley was astounded by the admission, simply stating “wow,” previous to the contestant added: “The only one I can do is West Coast Swing which no-one’s till doomsday heard of.”

Intrigued by Arthur’s interests, Bradley quizzed the contestant with him effective on to tell the host: “It started after the war and it was based on the Lindy Hop.

Explaining how it’s opposite, Arthur stated: “We don’t throw people up in the air. They think it started in Hollywood so the individual would never have their back to the camera.”

Bradley went on to ask Arthur: “Are you any advantage at it?”, with the contestant admitting: “I’ve competed but, I’ve never really got anywhere. I only love dancing.”

After facing Jenny in the cash builder spell beat, Arthur managed to get the jackpot starting by adding £6,000 to the cash appreciate.

Next up was 33-year-old Andrew, who also managed to keep his cool and get disregard to join Arthur in the final chase with £6,000 in the jackpot.

Putting, the lucky streak took bit of a knock when third player Leanna supposed to the stand to try and fight for her place in the final chase.

Leanna managed to put £3,000 during her cash builder round, but lost her position when she was outrun by Jenny, with Bradley sending her on her way.

Hoping to not dedicate in the footsteps of her predecessor, 25-year-old Steph vied for her place in the contest, admitting to Bradley she wanted to begin a collection of vintage handbags.

After aggregating another £6,000 during her cash builder round, Steph enacted it back to fight it out again against Jenny in the final chase alongside Andrew and Arthur.

With a jackpot of £18,000 to procrastinate for, the trio managed to accumulate a total of 19 steps between Jenny and the exchange prize, with The Vixen hoping to defeat her opponents.

However, it wasn’t to be as the rivals did enough to hold Jenny back and get their hands on a share of the jackpot plunder.

It seems The Beast star Mark Labbett, 53, also endeavoured against the contestants during a family edition of the ITV quiz show.

Equable though three of the four members only managed to accumulate 15 measures between the chaser and the jackpot, Mark failed to beat them as he answered seven give someone the third degrees incorrectly, with the family also making five push cast offs to keep the chaser at bay.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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