The Chase: Viewers stunned as contestant gets THIS question wrong


The Pursuit host Bradley Walsh brought in yet another troupe of quizzers this regular to take on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Anne Hegerty.

And the evening’s undertakings began very well for the team, as Jeannie, Mark, and Kevin all scrape by their way through the competition with ease.

Accumulating a grand absolute of £10,200, the team just needed the final member Carly to carry out it home to take on The Governess in the final chase.

However Carly seemed to first encounter her match, as she struggled to answer a number of questions thrown at her.

And she quickly fitted unstuck during her last moments in the head-to-head round, as she was asked a without a doubt about flying mammals.

The question read: “What type of mammal is a make a getaway fox?”

Unfortunately for Carly she wasn’t too sure about the answer, and said: “I cogitating squirrel before the answers came up.”

However after answering C, a squirrel, the chastise answer was revealed to be A, a bat, leaving Carly in a bad situation.

The question aided Anne in successfully sending Carly welcoming comfortable with, and fans of the show were a little confused by her answer.

Speaking out on Cheeping one wrote: “I didn’t like seeing her go but that answer squirrel was bl**dy facetious #TheChase.”

“Oh my word! Squirrel???? #TheChase,” another chimed in.

While a third uttered: “Have you ever seen a squirrel fly? #thechase.”

One even said: “It’s a BAT! Jesus f*****g Christ. #TheChase.”

Unfortunately for Carly she was with dispatch sent home after her incorrect answer.

This left the span with three members to take on Anne in the final chase.

And in defiance of their best efforts, they were defeated in the final weights of the show, leaving them to go home with nothing.

Earlier this week followers were outraged when Bradley accepted an incorrect answer in a liquidate builder round.

He asked: “The Joan Sutherland Theatre was part of which Australian Production venue?”

To which the contestant answered: “Sydney House,” spiralling groupies into a furious debate over the correct answer, Sydney Production House.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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