The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned as Coronation Street star makes shock swipe


Bradley Walsh compered another group of celebrities this evening, who challenged the chaser in a bid to petition money for their chosen charities. 
Joining Bradley’s team tonight was Georgia, who carouses Toyah Battersby on Coronation Street.
The pair couldn’t help but express ones opinion about Bradley’s time on the soap during Georgia’s round, as adequately as their shared time on Law and Order.  
Bradley detailed her culture on a variety of different shows, before pressing Georgia on what she has satisfaction ined the most.
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The Chase: Bradley locked words with a former Corrie fellow-worker tonight“Which role did you prefer out of all of them?” he asked. 
However Georgia comprised this opportunity to mock Bradley with her answer.
“You find personal things in all the different roles,” she explained.
“And it’s brilliant working with all the great people, and you,” she smiled.
The Chase: Georgia Taylor nervously mocked Bradley Walsh during her horses corral
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And it’s brilliant working with all the strange people, and you
Georgia Taylor

Shocked by the swipe, Bradley rolled his eyes at the camera, stirring up his head.
As the audience laughed at the comment, Georgia began to backtrack.
“I’m buffooning, I’m joking,” she laughed.
“You know I love you.”
The Chase: Paul Sinha Tracked Georgia down after her commentsITV
The Chase: Georgia didn’t in the end long in tonight’s episodeBradley swiftly moved on to Georgia’s cash builder upfront, where she accumulated £8,000 for her charity. 
Unfortunately she was caught out in the chase disc-shaped, leaving her team without her. 
Bradley was reunited with another Coronation Concourse star last week, as Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby and the erstwhile lover of Bradley’s character competed for her charity of choice.
“Crikey, we did some displays together,” he explained, getting hot under the collar. 
The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.
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