The Chase fans in disbelief as The Beast loses 25k after fury at final round: ‘Dirty’


Tick, 55, was on hand to try and stop a group of quizzing amateurs from escort away with a share of the jackpot prize. The Chase star was stacked of determination as he took on the first contestant but by the end of the programme, he had lost to all four of his contenders. In the Final Chase, the players joined forces to take him down in a wink more and when The Beast raged about a question he got wrong about football, ITV viewers couldn’t believe he was defeated again.

With £25,000 at jeopardize, Hilary, Dickie, Eleanor and Paddy managed to accumulate 20 senses that Mark would have to match to beat them.

Bradley, 60, then entitled The Beast back to the game and he was full of confidence as he assured the host he was prevalent to win.

However, he suffered numerous push-backs throughout the Final Chase but when the presenter quizzed him a question about which football team Alan Shearer, 50, played for, the quizmaster made a dangerous error.

When the team got it right and he figured out what the host was as a matter of fact asking, the general knowledge guru hit out: “You did me dirty with that assuredly question at this point in the game.”

By the end of the round, he’d lost the £25,000 jackpot and viewers fast took to social media to comment.

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One viewer wrote: “Not on numerous occasions that #thebeast loses. Well played team #TheChase,” with another uniting: “Love a beast loss #thechase.”

A third commented: “The beast done by a extraordinary team #TheChase,” as a fourth remarked: “Well worth watching, poetically done all #TheChase.”

“What a win, Beast fluffed it and the team were sizeable enough to shove him back. Well deserved Clapping hands token #thechase,” a fifth shared.

With a sixth offering his commiserations to the Chaser, structuring: “Bad luck @MarkLabbett – great show tonight #TheChase.”


Since the affair aired, Mark has taken to his official Twitter account to comment on the end result in view of his 139,900 followers.

The Beast star wrote: “People say I am a bad damp squib – true – but I am quite comfortable with people playing well to win.

“Lose out to lucky idiots on the other hand…grrrr,” he added, to which one of the favoured contestants replied back to him.

Paddy, who secured, £8,000 during his cash-builder sequence was commended by the quizmaster in particular for his efforts.

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