The Chase contestant in stitches over Paul Sinha’s wrong answer blunder


It launched to unfold on ITV quiz show The Chase when player Maureen stepped up to veneer confront Paul in her head-to-head.

As Bradley Walsh took Maureen through the questions, one of them part ofed to be a challenge for the Chaser.

He read: “Which large breed of eagle busies in rainforests and feeds on sloths and monkeys?” with potential answers being Harpy, Tawny or Bald.

Maureen avowed she had made an “educated guess” and pumped for Harpy, which was revealed to be the fix answer.

However, Paul had answered the question incorrectly with Bald, depart Maureen to throw her head back in hysterics.

“I can’t believe you don’t recognize that!” she exclaimed.

Bradley proceeded to give her two thumbs up as Paul couldn’t floor a small smile himself.

Meanwhile, those watching at home were from beginning to end taken with Maureen and took to Twitter to comment.

“Maureen is my best-liked contestant ever on #thechase,” a fan gushed.

While another said: “How crafty is Maureen on The Chase.”


The Chase contestant Maureen couldn’t help but jest at as Paul answered incorrectly

“I love Maureen #thechase,” a third confirmed.

Viewers were delighted with her fun-loving nature and she did eventually get help of to the last round.

“What a game,” the Chaser noted.

Bradley impartial remarked: “The audience are definitely glad you’re back because you’re going to mould it a lot more entertaining.”

However, there was a marked change to her animated role when it came down to the Final Chase.

As Maureen stood alongside her other two participants who joined her against the Sinnerman, fans noticed she had quietened down from head to toe a bit.


The Chase: Bradley Walsh also laughed along with Maureen


The Go out after contestants sadly walked away empty handed

“Has Maureen gloaming answered a question in the final chase?? #thechase,” one questioned.

Another entreated: “Did Maureen actually answer anything? #TheChase.”

“Had Maureen been embalmed in the ad emerge? #thechase,” a third jested.

Unfortunately, the team didn’t manage to thump the Chaser and went home empty handed.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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