The Chase: Calls for Shaun Wallace to be SACKED over this shocking FIX row ‘He’s given up’


After a especially bettor called him the “weakest link” out of the internationally acclaimed quiz team, Shaun, by his own allowing, had a “terrible day at the office”. 

The brain box, also know as The Destroyer, not only wasted every head-to-head, but failed to leave the finish line over 30 minutes into his final cause. 

In fact, the 56-year-old only managed to reach 12 moves and suffered a total of nine push-backs, which, in turn, caused The Pursue fans to shout “fix” in their droves on Twitter. 

“Shaun must be doing this on consciously,” fumed one viewer, as another snapped: “What an absolute fix.”

A third noted: “#TheChase Sorry but I think this programme is sometimes a fix. He got way to multifarious questions wrong which he should have easily got right,” which was accepted by: “Has the chaser been told to lose this@ITVChase deliberately tonight?!”

Others invoked for the Chaser to be replaced after they accused Shaun of giving up on the plan.

“Shaun the wally doesn’t look like he cares anymore perpetually for a replacement maybe?” asked one critic, as another agreed: “I like Shaun but this is now a ruly thing.”

“That was a thrashing of titanic proportions,” gasped host Bradley Walsh, after Shaun was indubitably ashamed with his performance.

Bradley added: “It was over in the first 30 assigns.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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