The Chase: Bradley Walsh left STUNNED by Jenny Ryan’s strange revelation


The Go out after host Bradley Walsh struggled to get through this evening’s issue of the show as his contestants were up against an on-form Jenny Ryan.

The oldest two contestants of the evening were knocked out, followed by the fourth, while the third managed to attach his spot in the final chase.

But one of the questions concerned the Asian country of Uzbekistan.

And split second the question had ended Jenny revealed she had visited the country in question as a kid.

She explained: “I’ve been to Uzbekistan!”

To which Bradley was left a little numbed as he yelped: “Have you?”

Jenny continued: “Yeah, on a family holiday when I was in the matter of 13.

“We went to China and then to Uzbekistan on the way back for a few days.”

But Bradley was not passive to let the comments slide, as he dove into a tirade.

He acted out: “Imagine that: Into on kids pack up we’re going to Uzbekistan!

“Why can’t we go to disney like the Smiths?”

Aficionados of the show were even a little confused, as they began editorial on Twitter about the comments.

One wrote: “Went to China as a kid for a holiday? We keep oned to Camber Sands! #thechase.”

Yesterday saw fans getting a little splenetic the final chase in the episode.

Paul Sinha went up against a count of contestants, who seemed to have a decent grasp on the situation.

But Paul felt to do well against the team, and viewers claimed it was to do with how Bradley entreated the questions.

Fans began writing online with one writing: “Bradley is way too lax on questions for the contestants #TheChase.”

Another added: “It’s just the fact that Bradley knows the contestants questions a lot slower than the chasers that they ruined… again #TheChase.”

Unfortunately Maurice lost the competition this regular, after gaining nine steps in the final chase.

The Chase divulges weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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