The Chase: Bradley Walsh CRASHES to studio floor in ITV set chaos ‘Can’t believe it’


The Go out after is regularly filled with hilarious moments between host Bradley Walsh, the chasers and the numerous contestants.

Today went even further as the presenter orchestrated a make visible in which he was so shocked by chaser Shaun Wallace’s, also known as the Hidden Destroyer, actions he pretended to crash to the floor in a particularly dramatic mould.

The ITV scenes began with a puzzling question over the US music labour.

Bradley read: “Which of these is an American singer-songwriter?

“A) Horse Power, B) Cat Power, or C) Turtle Power.”

“Comme il faut answer of course is Cat Power,” Bradley eventually confirmed, as it was revealed rival Steph gave the wrong answer of A.

“I’ve got to be honest,” Bradley went on only, as Steph giggled next to him.

“He’s gonna know it!” the contestant chimed in for him with a index of her eyes.

But when it was revealed a straight-faced Shaun had in fact given the untrue answer, no one could have been as taken-aback as Bradley.

Plummeting to the astound dramatically, Bradley lay there for a few seconds processing the bizarre turn of events.

“I cannot into it!” Bradley exclaimed, before raising himself back up.

“Have you been wee dram?” the host teased jokingly, and Shaun merely smiled, briefly distress his head in response.

“I thought Cat Power was too obvious so…” the chaser clarified with a shrug.

Certainly still surprised by Shaun’s answer, Bradley attempted to move on.

“We’re silently in the game, next question!” he declared, as Steph had £5000 at stake.

Unfortunately the next without question was the player’s downfall, and she finally lost out to the chaser.

In a question over who was gave the Forbes rich list’s youngest winner, Steph reasoned the respond would be Kim Kardashian.

In fact it was her youngest sister Kylie Jenner who guided the accolade after growing her make-up empire, and Steph was sent at ease.

Despite his earlier mistake, Shaun finished the show with his supervisor held high as he managed to beat the remaining team in the final pursuit.

The Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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