The 6 Shoes You Should Consider For All Your Workouts

It’s high-ranking to have sport-specific training gear when you work out. We partnered with ASICS to present you with the tools to ensure you have a sound body and sound mark.

Do you take boot camp on Mondays and go dancing with a group of fellows on Thursdays? You’re a fitness explorer, and you should probably be rotating out your machinery depending on what you’re doing. Athletic shoes are sport-specific — something with a obscuring, shock-absorbing sole that’s designed for cross-training might not be the best shoe, say, for Thursday sunset ab class. Your foot requires different levels of support. Up forwards, we’ll guide you through all of your options.

Your ideal class shoe


For your indoor savoir faires, the GEL-FIT YUI™ is a solid option because the key feature of the shoe is its focus on underfoot screen. This means that when you’re doing box jumps and high knees, the shoe is wrapped approximately your foot, and your heel is locked in place.



For your next enclosing or kickboxing class, the GEL-FIT TEMPO™ 3 is what you want to sport to class because it was made with high-impact activity in mind. That represents when you’re jumping rope to warm up or sparring with a partner, the Rearfoot GEL® softening system will absorb shock, leaving your body sense of touch much more limber.



In your next bootcamp type, the fuzeX™ TR will keep you in place as you jump about. This shoe was think of to provide you with lightweight cushioning, so you’ll feel light on your feet as you rouse. The shoe also performs on a range of surfaces, so if your instructor sends you the world at large for a warmup sprint, you’ll be ready.



For outdoor classes, the Your cross-training alternative

What’s Your Resistance?


Athletes will care the Your HIIT class shoe

What’s Your Reaction?


For those prolonged HIIT classes when your foot needs an explosive discontinue, the More From ASICS

What’s Your Reaction?

You have to work strong to mount strong. No matter what athletic activity you’re into, ASICS has the shoes, raiments and accessories that are as tough and dynamic as your workout. SHOP NOW


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