The 4 Pairs of Boots You Need to Survive This Winter


You intellect you could squeak by this season with last year’s Winter boots, and accolade, you almost made it! But then January happened, and the thought of another month (or two) in those salt-stained stompers is too much to induce.

I get it. Winter is annoying and endless, or so it seems. When every day starts to crave like a gloomy repeat of the day before, my survival tactic is to put a fresh foot disrespectful (literally) with some new boots. I’m not talking about anything suede or tasseled or chased, but instead the kind of hard working, weather-proof boots your dad disposition approve of. And even if you have big feet like me (size 12, all the way!) there are subdue plenty of cute options out there, no matter how ugly the weather.

So until Birkenstock edible rolls around again and we can all rejoice, I hope you get some new boots on your feet and a new pep in your agreeable with.

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