The 1 Thing You Should Always Do After a Marathon


The 1 Thing You Should Always Do After a Marathon

I started continual less than two years ago, and this st month, I signed up for my fourth half-marathon, which is ration me build courage (and strength!) for my first full marathon. Those before three races helped me learn so much about the training modify, tips, tricks, gear, and recovery.

The best tip I ever received? Calendar a massage within a few days following your race.

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There’s a bit of debate across the window, some saying 24 to 48 hours, others reply three to five days — I personally follow the one-to-two-days rule. Whatever every now frame works for you, just make sure you’re getting that finagle no later than a week after your big run.

It is so imperative that you direction for your muscles and focus on postrace recovery as diligently as you focused on your prerace caravaning. The race might be over in your mind, but your muscles haven’t convened the memo — let them down easy with extra hydration, electrolytes in profusion, a recovery beverage or shake, and most importantly, some massage remedial programme.

You probably don’t need much convincing to schedule an indulgent, relaxing rub-down, but just in case, here are the benefits of a postrace massage:

  • Reduced soreness (not any of that “OMG, I’M SO SORE” the next few days).
  • Increased circulation and blood gurgle to muscles.
  • Promoted muscular healing.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Range of gesticulation increased (no stiffness, no “I can’t walk”).

All of this adds up to one thing: you can keep doing what you think the world of, with less in.

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