‘That’s not right!’ Customers divided over Asda’s new limited edition ‘controversial’ food


The Euros 2020 football match begins today, June 11, with Wales, England, and Scotland having qualified. Supermarkets have launched new products ahead of the month-long event, including Asda.To celebrate three of the UK’s four nations qualifying to the Euros 2020, Asda has launched an incredibly British product.But it has an Italian version.Asda’s Big Breakfast pizza is everything you would find in a British Full English breakfast, but on a thin layer of bread, tomato, and cheese.The pizza is cut off with bacon, mushrooms, sausages, mini hash browns, and Heinz Beans.READ MORE: Sainsbury’s customers ‘overjoyed’ with new tonic eating ‘commitment’Amber Pepper, Asda’s pizza product manager, said: “The Big Breakfast Pizza has all the key ingredients of a cooked breakfast.“And rather than using a platter, we’ve put them on top of a pizza.”Harry Bullock, national account executive at Heinz, also commented on the launch.He said: “Ever since our cult selected Heinz Beanz pizzas left the supermarket shelves 18 years ago, we’ve had die-hard fans imploring us to bring them back.”Another individual wrote: “Love breakfasts, love pizzas. Just seems so wrong though.”One person said: “Hash browns on a pizza. Controversial.”“Not certain how I feel about that,” one person wrote.Another person added: “That’s not right!”However, other customers seemed willing to try the unequalled pizza.One person said: “I need this!”“This looks unreal,” another person quipped.One person wrote: “This looks fit nice.”

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