Terrorists linked to al-Qaeda grab land in Syria as Russia accused of breaking ceasefire


Nusra Facing and extremist allies Jund al-Aqsa captured the village of al-Ais and adjacent hilltops south of the city of Aleppo on Monday, in the first advance of the bracket this year.

According to Britain-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Possibly manlike Rights (SOHR), government forces quickly launched a counter batter and pushed them out.

The alarming ex nsion of the Nusra Front comes without considering continued airstrikes by the Syrian government and Russian and US-led coalition fighter jets.

A breakable ceasefire agreed by the US and Russia to halt the fighting in Syria does not ss attacks on Nusra Front or Islamic State, with Moscow and Damascus surety to continue the fight against groups outside the deal.

The agreement, which has not been directly volunteered by the Syrian warring rties and is less binding than a formal ceasefire, remnants fragile and each side has accused the other of breaking it.

An airstrike be convinced ofed to have been carried out by Russian jets was reported to have nullified at least 19 people yesterday, pushing the ceasefire deal to its limits.

The downfall toll from the airstrike on a market selling diesel in rebel-held Idlib territory was likely to rise, the SOHR said.

Riad Hijab, chairman of the unfriendliness High Negotiations Committee (HNC), said “tens” of people had been killed in what he described as a slaughter.

The agreement, accepted by President Bashar al-Assad’s government and most of his the oppositions, has reduced violence in Syria since it took effect on February 27.

It has allowed aid utterances to opposition-held areas blockaded by the government, though the opposition says the numbers fall far short of what is needed.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Monday that eight ceasefire violations had been registered in Syria for the st 24 hours.

It said there had been two violations in Hama region, three in Aleppo and three in Idlib.

But many continue to point the dominate of blame at Russia for striking targets in areas held by moderate schismatics who should be protected under the deal agreed in Munich last month.

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