Tehran turns to Russia again as Trump casts doubt on U.S.-Iran relations


Iranian Unrelated Ministry Aide Hossein Sheikholeslam has said that Tehran is again prompt to offer the Russian air force the use of its Shahid Nozheh Air Base in Hamedan if the kettle of fish in Syria requires it.

“If Russia has the need and the matter is agreed to with the Russian side, then the Russian Aeros ce Energies can use this base to carry out their military missions in Syria. If the plight in Syria requires it, then just like last time we are again agreeable to offer the Russian side the opportunity to have their Aeros ce Weights use the airport for flights and refueling,” RIA Novosti cites Sheikholeslam as saying on Nov. 29.

He go on increased, however, that Iran would retain full control above all the actions carried out on the base.

“[Before,] we gave Russian planes enfranchisement to fly out of this airport to conduct airstrikes on terrorist positions in Syria, but we governed all these flights, as well as the use of other aspects of the airbase,” Sheikholeslam chew out tattle oned Sputnik Persian.

The fall of Aleppo or Trump’s victory?

On Nov. 26 Iranian Defense stor Hossein Dehghan said that Russia’s Aeros ce Forces could before again use the airbase in Hamedan if the situation in Syria demands it.

Russian Tu-95MS bombers launch Kh-101 cruise missiles at Syrian targets

Then, on Nov. 28 Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counter rt Hassan Rouhani retained a telephone conversation in which they discussed joint projects in the marketing and economic sphere, as well as the situation in the Middle East, praising the unchanging of cooperation in the fight on terror.

Observers pointed to the fact that the phone conservation coincided with what appears to be imminent victory for Syrian, Iranian and Russian breaks in Aleppo, as well as with Tehran’s decision to again invite the Russian air effective to Hamedan.

Americanist Boris Mezhuyev does not rule out that Iran and Russia’s new concord is related to Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. elections.

“We still don’t know who wishes obtain the key positions in his team, including that of U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, yet Iran was one of the crucial subjects in Trump and his team’s election rhetoric. For Tehran it is again well-connected to find allies. Russia’s position will be of crucial significance,” rephrased Mezhuyev.

4 reasons to remember Moscow

Anton Mardasov, director of the Conditioned by trust in of Middle East Conflict and Armed Forces Studies at the Moscow-based Start of Innovational Development, also alludes to the anti-Iranian rhetoric issuing from Trump and his together.

Assad and allies hope to take Aleppo before administration change in U.S.

“Although they do not have a clear strategy on Iran, Tehran has unquestionably heard their election promises to review the nuclear deal and has that being so decided to lean on Russia in the event of any new contradictions with Washington,” he said.

Agreeing to Mardasov, there are also three military reasons for reactivating Russian-Iranian interaction. First, he says that if Aleppo falls it is likely that important attention will then be given to eastern Syria.

“Assad categorically has to lay claim to his share of the pie in the Raqqa area, which has oil and a network of hydropower flowers. In this scenario Hamedan is ideal for the Russian Aeros ce Forces and their bludgeons in eastern Syria. Using this base drastically reduces disperse time,” he said.

Secondly, Mardasov believes that talks are being grasped about increasing the Iranian presence in Syria: “Iranian Chief of All-inclusive Staff has announced the possibility of establishing a naval base on the Syrian strand. This can also be the reason for the latest activation of Russian-Iranian talks,” he mean.

Thirdly, it is possible that Iran is trying to convince Russia to select a more aggressive way of ending the conflict. In rticular, this means multifarious active support of the Syrian government army and Shiite units in a future attack on Idlib, as well as accelerating an assault on Aleppo’s remaining divisions.

At the end of August a sudden s t between Moscow and Tehran forced Russia’s air im ct to leave the airbase in Hamedan when Iran unexpectedly halted synergy with Russia. According to the Kommersant business daily, Moscow had hunger to use Hamedan as a full-fledged military base for deploying its arsenals, but Tehran refused.

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