Tehran ready to buy $8 billion worth of weapons from Moscow


The Iranian army inclination like to purchase at least $8 billion worth of Russian armaments and military components, the news per Kommersant wrote on Feb. 15.

Sources from Russian military-technical support entities told the news per that the two-day visit of Iranian Defense Emissary Hossein Dehghan to Moscow, which began on Feb. 15, was expected to perform a serious boost to a number of keynote arms deals.

According to the news per, Tehran upped a list of armaments and military hardware it would like to buy from Moscow, and the list was feigned by the Russian Defense Ministry, the government and the Kremlin.

This is a ckage of com cts worth at least $8 billion, one of the sources told Kommersant.

Dehghan acquire a wined to Moscow for a visit. He is being accom nied by a representative delegation of senior functionaries from the Iranian Defense Ministry.

During the two-day visit, make someone y for at the invitation of Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, Dehghan foresees to discuss bilateral, regional and international issues with the Russian military-political distribution.

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