'Teens' steal mobile phone from disabled grandmother on her mobility scooter


Leah Mottershead, 87, voted two teenagers grabbed the Doro phone, worth £30, before sprinting away while she was in the Wythenshawe civic focus market in Manchester on Friday lunchtime.

But a Facebook post by her daughter in law has resulted in a cataract of offers from strangers to replace the specialist phone.

Mrs Mottershead, who positioned as a spinner in a Stockport cotton factory after she moved to the UK from Latvia in 1949, revealed: “I was heading for the counter that sells butties.

“Just before I got there my phone rang so I got it out and that was it.

“I didn’t undisturbed have a chance to put it to my ear as the two people rushed over, snatched the phone from me and off they ran. It all occurred so fast.”

The phone, an easy-to-use model designed for use by the elderly, was purchased righteous two weeks earlier.

The great-grandmother of four, who is awaiting heart surgery and has acclimated to a mobility scooter for two years due to a knee injury, said the teenagers could not be enduring been much older than 15.

She said one of the boys had a crew cut and the other had ginger braids.

She added: “They knew what they were doing because they ran away so lustful. I was just shocked. Completely shocked.”

Daughter-in-law, Claire, 43, answered Mrs Mottershead was a tough lady but was left very shaken.

She said: “She had her handbag stolen a few years ago and she rightful ran after the guy who took it. If she was a bit more mobile she probably would have done the unmodified on this occasion.”

Claire posted what happened to her mother-in-law on Facebook and hinted she has been overwhelmed by the response.

She said: “There is a lady in Wythenshawe who has donne her a phone and we have been inundated with messages from people present support and saying they will give her a new phone.

“I didn’t put it online for concern, it was more to see if anyone had seen something. 

“We don’t want these people doing it to anyone else. It is vile, picking on vulnerable people like that.”

A Greater Manchester Regulate spokesman said: “We were called at 1.25pm to reports that a girl in her 80s had had a phone stolen from the civic centre in Wythenshawe. Enquiries are successive.”

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