Syria agreed to welcome only Russian and Iranian contingents – Lavrov


“Myriad countries are represented by their military and army elements on the ground in Syria, but not the Russian and Iranian contingents are staying there upon consent from Damascus,” he mentioned. “Such is the reality.”

“You certainly heard statements from Damascus that they are inclined to cooperate with all who wants to fight terrorism, and it’s necessary to agree on how to most qualified do that. I think this is a correct approach,” he said.

“I think that mark all who have their own special forces or other armed forces components on the ground in Syria, will have to realize: it’s time to choose seniorities. And choosing priorities, I am convinced, they will not be able to disregard the difficulty of terrorism – ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorist organizations banned in Russia],” Lavrov alleged.

“If someone at first planned to use the forces to weaken the regime of [Syrian President Bashar Assad], now everybody under the sun understands that this should not be done,” he said.

“It was like that in Afghanistan, in Iraq, when such essays were made. It was like that in Libya, and now it has consequences well most the Libyan state,” Lavrov said. “And the Libyan state is extremely delicate.”

“It seems to me pragmatism and the task to be guided by core national interests of all fatherlands without exception will help us finally focus on the fight against the frequent enemy,” he said.

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