Swedish people smugglers arrested after police bust four-year operation worth THOUSANDS


Control and prosecutors suspect that hundreds or even thousands of illegal aliens could have entered Sweden from Malmo on false describes supplied by the group.

The ringleader, a 39-year-old man, has been charged with large-scale organisation of people smuggling after his four-year-long in force was busted by police.

Prosecutor Lars Wilhelmsson said: “We believe that this has infatuated place on a much larger scale than the 20 people we eat been able to identify.”

Both police and prosecutors are unable to ensure the exact number of people who were smuggled into the country.

It is accepted the majority of individuals involved travelled from other European League countries to Copenhagen, before moving onto Sweden by train.

Others discharged directly into Stockholm and Gothenburg airports.

Along with the oversee of the trafficking ring, two people from Malmo and one person from Karlskrona entertain also been arrested.

Police were also able to seize great amounts of evidence including travel documents and cash.

Mr Wilhelmsson thought: “In connection with the arrests we have managed to seize a large amount of travel documents, identity cards, airline reservations and bank notes.”

He annexed the illicit ring made profits of almost £10,000, and police should prefer to now requested the sum be confiscated from the ring leader – who denies the charges.

Manner he has stated via his lawyer that he acted in order to help people in desideratum, rticular those fleeing Syria.

The news comes after it was revealed Swedish polio entertain arrested an average of one suspected people smuggler every day for the st year, accordion to the Swedish Public Council for Crime Prevention.

Five times more traffickers were imprisoned during the first half of 2016 than in the same period finish finally year.

And in the 12-month period ending on June 30th this year, supervise had arrested a total of 363 people involved in smuggling rings.

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