Sweden shooting: Police rush to horror attack in Kristianstad – mass shooting


Swedish mediocrity reported that police were called to reports of “several loud bangs” that were heard from the Näsby area, in the northern component of Kristianstad, at around 3.44pm local time. Emergency crews, including ambulances and a police helicopter, then also rushed to the scene. Ambience outlet Kristianstadsbladet said at least three people, including two men and a woman, were taken to hospital by ambulance with serious injuries.

But it is not grasped how many people have been injured so far – or the extent of the injuries.

Rickard Lundqvist, a spokesperson for the police command centre in Sydsvenskan, said: “The womanhood have been found injured in the areas of Näsby and Gamlegården.

“We are currently working to get an overview of how many are injured.

“An ambulance has been called to the uncomfortable.”

Police are still on the scene while investigations take place.

A number of ambulances were also said to be at the scene too.

They gave instant care to other injured people still at the scene.

At least two areas were also been cordoned off by police.

A woman who works about in the area shared her concern at the shooting.

She told the newspaper: “A lot has happened here before.

“People are worried that they will be involved.

“All subordinate ti are worried when they know that you work in an area like this.”

No arrests have been made so far.

Yesterday evening, there were also clock ins of a shooting in the same area of Kristianstad.

However, police said no injuries had occurred.

It also hasn’t been confirmed whether these were secure.

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