Sunderland Future Living Expo identity is a “window into the future”


Studio Blackburn has led the making for the event, which will concentrate on the future of sustainable home construction.

Studio Blackburn has designed the unanimity for the Sunderland Future Living Expo to represent “the city’s determination to look to the following”.

The Sunderland Future Living Expo will take place in 2023. The actuality aims to explore how the world will be living in the future, with a centre on greener and smarter housing area development.

It will take lieu on the site of the Riverside Sunderland neighbourhood, a district currently under advance by the city council. In the run up to the 2023, a series of themed events will advocate d occupy place.

Naming the Sunderland Future Living Expo

Studio Blackburn be wrecked Paul Blackburn has worked with Sunderland City Council on several projects over the past 10 years. The aim of this latest forward was to ensure the expo felt relevant to the issues being faced by the UK at the interest, he tells Design Week.

The studio was first tasked with renown the event. Blackburn says the Sunderland Future Living Expo championship was settled upon because the team felt it important to include the metropolis at the centre of it.

“The other words, Future Living Expo, are all very encouraging, and we wanted to situate Sunderland with them,” he says.

“Sunderland’s assured sense of self”

As a mining and shipbuilding city, Sunderland is dealing with diverse post-industrial challenges. Blackburn says the aim was to create a brand that embodied its future.

“This is an event that people around the world force be looking to, and we wanted the identity to mirror Sunderland’s confident sense of self,” he discloses, explaining why a confident but approachable tone has been used.

For this two together argue with, Blackburn says the studio chose not to focus on the past at all in the branding. Sunderland’s involvement in shipbuilding and mining, and its resumed presence in the field of automotive innovation means it has always been technologically prepaid, he says.

“The heritage of the city has always been at the forefront of technological advancements and now is no multifarious, so we wanted it to feel contemporary.”

Sunderland Future Living Expo identity is a “window into the future”

“Blocky” letters

At the centre of the project is the expo logo, which comprises four “blocky” letterforms. The special of logo was inspired by the blocks that make up neighbourhoods and cities, Blackburn opportunities.

These letters have been designed to function also as a skeleton device. Blackburn says “as little as possible” has been removed from each letterform to countenance the studio and event organisers to use the logo to “house pictures for different applications”.

“It wish act as a kind of window into the future,” he says.

Alongside the logo and well-drawn identity, the studio has also developed the photography, animation, film, wayfinding and website for the result. The website, which launched last week, will be home to all the report and some events which will take place in the build up to 2023.

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