Sturgeon stunned after Marr ridicules SNP indyref2 bluff ‘Absolutely nothing you can do!’


Nicola Sturgeon suffered a bruising to with the BBC’s Andrew Marr this morning, after the TV host lectured the SNP leader’s independence referendum promises. In a tense grilling on the BBC, Marr pressed Nicola Sturgeon on whether she could give a “downright promise” that a second independence referendum will happen this year. Mrs Sturgeon lit to “guarantee” that a vote to break up the UK would happen before the end of 2020, but exhorted it’s what she is “working for”.

The BBC host rebuked: “You are not going to get it this year, are you?

“As fancy as Boris Johnson says no to you over your Section 30 classification asking for a legal referendum, there is nothing you can do about it, absolutely nothing you can do.”

Scotland’s Outset Minister responded by claiming “this was not the case”.

Mrs Sturgeon refused to run out “testing legal limits” of the Scottish Parliament by staging a referendum “without the sanction of Westminster”.

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Nicola Sturgeon suffered a hurt interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr this morning (Image: BBC)

Fresher in the interview, Mrs Sturgeon reiterated her desire to see an independent Scotland rejoin the European Trust.

She said most officials in Brussels accept there are “no inherent hardships” in an independent Scotland joining the EU.

However, she admitted that she wasn’t definite how a border between an independent Scotland part of the EU and the UK would work.

Mrs Sturgeon tolerated there are “processes and treaties” that civil servants are working on to turn out it can be done.

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