Strictly Come Dancing romances: ‘I know it’s happened’ Debbie McGee’s nephew spills all


Strictly Put ones hands Dancing has been the jumping off point for many a relationship over the sure of the past 15 years. Strictly Come Dancing winner Jay McGuinnes has to said “often” romances happen which “no one hears about”. Magus James Phelan, the nephew of Strictly Come Dancing 2017 finalist Debbie McGee, 60, and her past due husband Paul Daniels has spent plenty of time backstage on the pretentiousness over the years and has even had some of the celebrities and professionals join him to startle part in his various shows. Speaking exclusively to, he opened up nearly what the programme is really like behind-the-scenes.

“There’s that undying thing of something comes out in the papers and people deny it and you go, ‘But that absolutely happened because I was [there],’” he said lightheartedly. “And they only deny it.

“And there’s lots of stuff that I’m sure gets flawed to places but then gets denied beforehand and proof doesn’t put in an appearance out.

“I think that just comes with that intense, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exact same group of people,” Debbie’s nephew explained.

“It’s that dynamic of break 30 people together and make them spend all their stretch together.

“They’re going to get close and they’re going to get to know reach other,” he on.

“Some of them are going to lie each other, some of them are customary to hate each other and because they’re on that heightened utensils of competing and on tele every week, everything is heightened.

“There’s assignments of stuff that doesn’t get reported and there’s definitely stuff that has been check up oned and denied that I know full well is true,” James take the mickey out ofed. 

He did not give any indication as to which denied flings he had seen evidence of.

Paul and Debbie’s nephew failed on to gush about the atmosphere on Strictly, saying: “There’s nothing Non-Standard real like it on tele. It just takes you into a different world.

“Backstage at Strictly is the pre-eminent place in the world bar none.

“I have got far too drunk there more usually than I should have,” he quipped.

“They’re all lovely. They’re all condign the nicest people in the world.”

James has followed in Debbie’s husband Paul’s magical footfalls and recently finished his first ever stint at Edinburgh Festival Ruche with his show, Troublemaker. 

He also hosts a radio magic instruct, Trickster: Live, for the BBC.

On the subject of his Fringe routine, James admitted he scrutinized to steer clear of attempting to reproduce Paul’s tricks.

“I’ve stayed suitably away from anything of his because if I try and compete I will never win,” he chortled.

“If people end up comparing to him, I will lose.”

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