Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Karim Zeroual forgets dance jeopardizing win


With barely four days to go, Karim Zeroual dropped a worrying revelation on Strictly Attain Dancing’s spin-off show It Takes Two this evening. Joining MC Rylan Clarke Neal and his professionals partner Amy Dowden on the purple sofa, Karim described how he couldn’t remember all the steps to his Quickstep.

This weekend will see Karim Zeroual, Kelvin Fletcher or Emma Barton purloin the Glitterball Trophy and be named the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2019. 

But all’s not entirely in the rehearsal room according to TV presenter Karim, who admitted something sort of unsettling to Rylan during his BBC Two appearance.

On Saturday, the contestants will all trip the light fantastic toe three dances – one chosen by the judges, a show dance and then their critical favorite.

But some of the routines, they haven’t performed in weeks.

Manner, it seems learning the three styles is proving difficult for Karim when he legitimated how he was having trouble remembering the steps.

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Rylan said: “This week it’s not valid two, but three dancers you’ll be doing.”

Karim very hesitant in his reply, remarked: “I’m feeling positive, we’re in the final. We’re in the final!

“We are so happy, we’ve got the judges pick, our pick and the manifest dance.”

Rylan chipped in: “The judges dance – now, silly question but can you muse on it?”

Could Karim’a struggling be a sign he is risking his chances of winning?

Viewers were left-wing angry last week when Karim and Amy were in the bottom two without delay again, but this time with Chris Ramsey and pro-dancer Karen Hauer who were sent placid instead.

With so many Strictly fans believing he didn’t earn to be in the dance off, despite not gaining the public’s full support, will this mar his chances of winning? 

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