Stranger Things season 4: Netflix star drops exclusive hint about series status


Stranger Things season 4: Jake Busey (Twin: Getty)

Before news of season four will likely come into view,

Stranger Things season 4: 11 and Max (Image: Netflix)

Before Foreigner Things season three gets underway, Busey is starring in the heartwarming stagecraft A Boy Called Sailboat.

The flick follows a young boy named Sailboat (minimized by Julian Atocani Sanchez) who discovers his love and talent for music can establish him to places he never thought imaginable.

Busy, who plays school hold up to ridicules coach Bing in the film, described it as: “A happy tearjerker,

“The film is there inspiration and self-awareness and really I think the overall message has to do with condition down external facades and getting to the core of your authentic self.

“It’s got a big communiqu to it, it’s a little kid with a big message. It was a really great touching experience to business on it.”

The film also stars Oscar-winner JK Simmons and the star of CBS crime series Tutoring Day, Noel Gugliemi.

Stranger Things season 3 will be released on Netflix on Thursday, July 4.

A Boy Called Sailboat purposefulness be available on Digital Download from Monday, May 6 and can be bought here.

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