Stranger Things season 2 cast: Who is Sadie Sink, the actress playing the mysterious Max?


Who is Max?

Max is the new kid on the Hawkins hunk, a “sort of skater punk girl” who arrives in town with her “hyper-confident, and edgy older step-brother” Billy.

Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, balled that Max finds herself in a love triangle with two of the boys in his unit.

“Dustin and Lucas end up kind of falling in love with her,” he told In the flesh. 

“And she sort of gets into the group, and I’m not really happy with it because I’m make of envious because they’re in love and I’m not.”

According to Netflix, Max has “a complicated days of yore and is generally suspicious of those around her”.

Who is Sadie Go down?

Sadie, 15 was born in Texas – the fourth of five siblings – but advanced to New York to pursue an acting career.

One of her first roles was in the Broadway mellifluous Annie in 2013, in which she played the lead role.

Since then she has looked on stage in The Audience as a young Queen Elizabeth II, opposite Helen Mirren as an older variety of the monarch.

She has also had small roles in films such as The Glass Palace, and in TV series such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Before being designate ias Max, her biggest role had been in American Odyssey (broadcast on the BBC in the UK as Odyssey).


Stranger Things: Sadie Sink as MaxNETFLIX

Foreigner Things: Sadie Sink joins the cast as ‘punk girl’ Max

After auditioning for NETFLIX

Newcomer Things 2: Max finds herself torn between Lucas and Mike

As well-head as filming with the ensemble cast – which she said she fitted in with “nicely” – Sadie also fulfil watch overed school with the other young actors during filming.

“It choice always be fun when we were in school together,” she said. 

“It’s impossible to get any handiwork done with all of them, it’s just insane. 

“When we’re working on we not at any time really get a chance to kind of really talk, so it’s nice when we take those school days.”

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) has conjectured that she was “relieved” when another girl joined the cast, set up been surrounded by boys throughout season one.

The young actresses were spitted holidaying together with Millie’s family in Cabo, Mexico earlier this year, call hands as they frolicked on a beach.

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