'Stop this' Karen Danczuk blasted as she urges fans to boycott Black Lives Matter


Since the deaths of Alton Authentic and Philando Castile, which has caused enormous social unrest in the US, thousands from taken to the streets in protest as rt of the Black Lives Matter drive across the world.

However, in response to the news that hundreds joined the Diabolical Lives Matter march in Manchester over the weekend, Karen, 33, fling closed the protest in a controversial post.

“Wish they would stop this. ‘All lives matter’ thank you very much,” she wrote, which was stung with a barrage of reaction from disgruntled social media users.

“But all lives are not being charmed by US police. Black lives are though,” write one follower, as another concurred: “You miss the point. All lives do matter but US police are treating white and blacks differently, wish equality.”

Later, the estranged wife Simon Danczuk MP, hit back: “I reception protests, just don’t like double standards. I couldn’t walk almost with ‘white lives matter’ sign!”

In response to one rticularly tee someone off critic, who wrote: ‘Would you go to a testicular cancer awareness event and holler ‘there are other types of cancer’? No.,” she replied: “Change your plea completely as you’ve talked yourself out of original stance on it……errrrm ok.”

In any case, not everyone took issue with the star’s divisive stance.

One fan cheered: “Can’t agree more…the more I follow you Karen the more I see you’re down to turf and speak for normal people’s views :)”

Another wrote: “If there was a Walk saying white lives matter I would get called a racist.”

A third mainly awe-struck tweeter beamed: “She speaks from the heart and she makes bloody wisdom to.”

The shootings of Alton and Philando last week s rked anger across the US. Philando was pulled terminated by police on Wednesday for a broken taillight and shot in front of his rtner and daughter.

Alton was incentive at point blank range the day before after he was tackled to the ground by the fuzz when he allegedly threatened someone while selling CDs outside a against.

A number of huge protests have taken place across America in the primes since, including a demonstration in Dallas in which five officers were killed by a sniper.

London manoeuvred host to a similar march with thousands flooding the streets nearly Oxford Circus and Brixton with banners, championing: “Black Dwells Matter.”

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